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The Best Networking Amongst Closet and Storage Professionals

Great networking happens when the owners associate with other closet industry business owners. This is accomplished by either attending a closet industry conference and expo, participating in a closet industry related B2B Facebook page, or by joining a dedicated private closet woodworking network website.

The Closet Institute of America, aka the CIA, offers all three opportunities for Independent (non-franchise) closet business owners, closet designers, and key closet operations managers to learn from each other by exchanging woodworking industry best practices and resources.

National Closet Summit

The first opportunity is our closet woodworking network national event, the annual nationwide Closet & Storage Conference and Expo, held every October in a different city throughout the USA.

This October 19-21, 2022, the Sheraton Salt Lake City, will be the location for the next closet conference and expo. There is always a host closet company at these locations which invites the conference attendees of closet and storage professionals to tour their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and outstanding showrooms. In Salt Lake City, our host will be The Closet Butler. Prior Closet Summit and Expo conferences were held in Savannah, GA, Washington DC, Austin, TX, Greenville, SC, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Orlando, FL.