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Why Choose a CIA Affiliated Closet Designer?

Thank you for visiting the home of the independent custom closet designers of America. Please take a moment and read our message below on how you can receive the best service and value for your next customized space project !

Contact us anytime and we will help you find a CIA member in your area. 

This is why you  should choose us!

 In the residential closet and storage industry, 80% of all North American closet businesses are locally owned Independents. The remaining 20% are nationwide closet franchises.
Closet franchisee business owners pay their franchisor (which we refer to the ‘Mother Ship’) an initial start-up licensing buy-in fee, usually hundreds of thousands of dollars, and an annual percentage of their gross sales as a royalty fee (in all honesty, you are paying these fees because they are added into your price.) . The franchisor dictates most aspects and branding of the participating franchisees, who must comply with established norms as agreed in their contract. Major franchises purchase nationwide internet advertising buys, whether their dealers
operate in those markets or not.

 On the other hand, local Independents are just that, independent. In most cases, a CIA independent affiliate is a small family owned and operated community-minded business that has full control over all aspects of their operation. These local closet businesses support other local businesses by purchasing their materials, supplies, accessories, transportation of goods and marketing from nearby and neighborhood establishments. They hire local labor, pay local taxes and support their communities in numerous ways. The term, ‘shop locally’ is what
they are all about. Many use the phrase, “We treat you like a neighbor, because you are”.

The CIA is a nation-wide trade association that created its own Mother Ship for its members by supplying support, networking, education, training and assistance without the monumental costs: less than a dollar a day. In addition, CIA’s annual Closet Summit Conference supports our motto: Service ~ Integrity ~ Value.

 Many CIA members are multi-generational and have been serving their local communities for decades. Customer service, quality and loyalty are top priorities.

 One CIA member states it this way:
“If you want a good burger, find a franchise. If you need a great closet designer, choose a CIA Special Agent.”

The Independents appreciate your business. So please contact us today to help you find the service you need and deserve! 

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