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CIA Summit 2015

Welcome to the CIA

The only Closet & Storage industry trade group exclusively for the Independent Closet Business Community and Vendor Partners

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Join hundreds of your peers at our 11th Annual Closet Summit Conference & Vendor Expo
The Sheraton Airport Hotel
Charlotte, North Carolina


Oct. 23rd (5pm) - October 25th (4pm)2024

Closet Business Community Summit Team 5
Annual Closet & Storage Summit Conference

There are only a dozen reasons why* . . .

. . . anyone comes to this site.

See if any of these apply to you.

I began my closet career in 1984. The purpose for this website is because many people along the way helped me on my closet journey,

and now I am giving back.


"If only I had had this type of resource 37 years ago, I would have saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly and avoidable mistakes."


Jeff Klein – CIA Director

*Why Are You Here?

  • Looking for networking opportunities with other non-competing closet companies -or-

  • Seeking advice from established closet industry titans -or-

  • Want to compare my closet company's performance against others of similar size and demographics -or-

  • Searching for new sources of products and services -or-

  • Pursuing closet industry events like conferences, Expos, training sessions and podcasts -or-

  • I'm an industry vendor and want to reach out to the closet community -or-

  • Inquiring about year-round opportunities for Zooms, discussion panels and round tables -or-

  • Probing for experienced industry consultants or mentors -or-

  • Have outgrown space and am investigating outsourcing my manufacturing -or-

  • Looking for business forms, photos, systems and resources that are being shared among members -or-

  •  Considering expanding my existing cabinet business into the custom closet industry -or-

  • Exploring getting into the closet industry and desperately need assistance

Annual Closet & Storage Summit Conference
ndependent Closet Business Community and Vendor Partners
Annual Membership Levels
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Primary Rep
1 Year

$349 / year

1 Year

$199 / year

Vendors / Suppliers

$489 / year

Outsource Manufacturer

$489 / year

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Shop Talk with Derrek

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Conflict Resolution Panel

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Closet Summit Conference & Expo Discounts

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8th Annual Closet & Storage Summit Conference
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