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Annual Membership Levels:

Closet & Storage Professional ~ $349/yr

This is a company membership with one primary rep to access these resources. Closet companies must be independent, who either manufacturer or outsource their manufacturing 


Additional Staff ~ $99each/yr

Partners, Designers & Managers from registered company

Affiliate Member ~ $289/yr

Independent closet designers, free lance designers, Professional Organizers, Trade Associations, Trade Publications


Outsource Manufacturers ~ $489/yr

Local, regional and nation-wide fabricators who supply component closet and storage parts to at least 3 independent closet businesses or dealerships

Suppliers & Vendor Partners ~ $489/yr

Vendors & Suppliers Benefits:

  • Access to membership

  • Priority booth placement at Closet Summits

  • Priority Vendorama private meeting rooms at Summits

  • Sponsorship Upgrades at Summits

  • Priority infomercials on the CIA F/B page

  • Direct links to your websites, podcasts, how-to videos, workshops

  • Inclusion in our exclusive Supplier Resource Guide

  • Free focus group participants from members

Requirements/Rules of Engagement
Membership on this website is limited to Independent Closet Businesses that either manufacture their own product or outsource their manufacturing to local, regional or nationwide distributors and dealership.  
We are NOT looking for just members! We are looking for partners, active participants and contributors who will help us grow this group and site and in return, will grow their businesses as a result.
We encourage all vendors and suppliers who supply the closet industry to participate and help us underwrite this site by joining. 
We will need to gather data and information from all members PRIOR to publishing the Members Only Restricted portions of this site.
This will probably take about 6-8 weeks.
The primary purpose of this site is so members can, and will, share experiences, knowledge, advice, best practices, opinions, resources and networking.
This site is a group effort. We will be self funded.
Regardless of where you are on your Closet Journey, all can contribute and all will benefit. Again, this group and site is self financed. We will grow and advance based on participation.
Members will be required to submit a questionnaire so all will benefit from the resources and indexes that will be offered in the weeks, months and years to come.
Welcome aboard . . . and buckle your seatbelts

For Information: ~ 912-313-9943