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All Summit events (except plant tour) will take place at the

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando/SeaWorld

October 20th (Starting with Happy Hour at 6pm)  -to-

 October 22nd (Ending after lunch at 2pm), 2021

Wednesday, October 20th



Welcome to CIAMO's first Annual Membership Meeting ~ Meet, Greet and Eat Networking Happy Hour for CIAMO Members-Only.

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Non-CIAMO attendees welcomed to the Happy Hour to join in serious networking and greeting of new and returning Summiteers.

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Dinner on your own (multiple restaurants within walking distance or hotel shuttle); afterwards return to networking at the Hilton bar.

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2:00am curfew:

All Summiteers must be in their 'jammies' and safely tucked in under their 'blankies' so we can hear your prayers, sing you a lullaby and kiss you goodnight  (just kidding).

Thursday, October 21st

Welcome t0...

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Networking buffet breakfast and Vendorama (Session 1) displays around the perimeter of the Ballroom and Foyer.

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Presentation: Welcome to CIAMO and Overview of the Summit Conference Schedule and Procedures. Speaker Jeff Klein ~ CIA Founder and Summit Conference Director (and all around nice guy).

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Presentation: Hiring and Training Designers for Maximum Results - Learn the Secrets to Increase Sales!  Speaker Jessica Trippler ~ Closet Industry Business Coach and former California Closets Sales Trainer.



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Presentation: Maximize Your Business by Bringing Your Website and Local SEO into the 21st Century - Find out how to rank first online in your local market.  Speaker: Dave Place - CEO and Senior Programmer at Let's Market Your Business.

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Networking buffet luncheon and Vendorama (Session 2) displays, demonstrations, presentations throughout the perimeter of the Ballroom and Foyer.

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Choose among three concurrent 2-hour comprehensive networking and educational tracks:

Session A: Manufacturing Seminar:  
Fabrication, Production Control, Lean Manufacturing, Staging Jobs, Inventory Control, Scheduling

Session B: Marketing Forum:
Advertising and PR via Websites, SEO's, Facebook and Social Media, CRM Raving Fan Club strategies, Paid vs. Organic Ads

Session C: Designer/Sales Symposium
Finding, hiring, training and retaining super sales associates, charging versus free designs

Each of the three Tracks includes presentations, SWOT* assessments from both Summit attendees and Vendors, panel discussions with Q&A concerning all aspects of Track topics, and ending with Round Table discussion groups.


Note: Don't Miss Out. Bring more than one staff member from your company to Orlando so you can cover all this action. You have been forewarned.

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Vendorama (Session 3) displays, demonstrations and workshops throughout the Main Ballroom and Foyer

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Load onto Tour Busses -or- personal vehicles for transport to our Host Shop/Showroom affiliate for tours, demonstrations, banquet, drinks, belt sander races and serious networking

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Tour of Host Roomy Design Organizers showroom and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Demonstration of their super efficient Production Control System and
other surprises

unnamed (14).jpg


The BIG Pig-Out BBQ Networking Banquet, adult beverages and tour of the manufacturing facility.

unnamed (15).jpg


Place your bets and win big money. The 8th annual NASCARBS International Belt-Sander Championship at Orlando (Small) Motor Speedway at Roomy Design Organizers' workshop.

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On Your Own ~ ongoing adult beverages and serious business building networking if you're still awake, at the DoubleTree Hilton Tiki bar.

Friday, October 22nd

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Networking buffet breakfast and Vendorama (Session 4) booths and displays around the perimeter of the Ballroom and Foyer.

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CIAMO SEALS Teams confidential, non-compete round tables discussion groups (for CIA Members-Only who completed the Survey prior to the Summit).

Installation Jubilation

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Installers ONLY Private Discussion Session -OR...


General Round Table Session: Topic to be announced at the Summit.

unnamed (21).jpg


Round Table Session*: Installers are crucial to our operations: How can we assist and make their job go smoother, increase efficiency and make it more profitable for them.

unnamed (22).jpg


Round Table Session*: How can our installers help our company be more profitable and successful by delivering superior performance.

unnamed (23).jpg

*Installer Discussions include:

  • Installer responsibilities and job descriptions

  • Commission vs. hourly: advantages vs. disadvantages

  • Setting the ground rules and expectations with your customer

  • Pre-inspecting the job site before you install

  • Organizing your truck

  • Onsite jigs and accessories

  • Do you want this to be a job or a career?

  • Finding, training and keeping good helpers and potential installers

  • Preparing for each job using checklists


Installer panel: discussions, interviews, testimonials, installation oriented vendor presentations, Q&A* in front of the entire group.

  • Communicating with the customer

  • Trouble shooting problems

  • Balancing your work life and your family life

  • Being on the same page as your office to avoid being ambushed

  • Appearance, demeanor and attitude

  • Dealing with hostile or annoying customers

  • Avoiding  follow-ups and go-backs

  • Job site etiquette

  • Job site secrets

  • Put your signature on everything you do

  • Your final walk through 

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Networking buffet lunch and final Vendorama (Session 5) workshops with demos throughout the perimeter of the Ballroom and Foyer

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That's All Folks. Summit ends after lunch (2pm). Safe travel home, or stay for additional networking and the Theme Parks. See ya'll at next year's Summit in ???

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