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Please Note: Joining CIAMO's Private Website does NOT register you for the Annual Closet Summit Conference. You will be able to also register for the Summit (whether a CIAMO Member -or- not) on this same page as you continue to scroll below.

CIAMO Closet & Storage Primary Rep    

$349 / year

Company Membership: One Primary Rep (usually the owner) plus up to two Secondary Reps (co-owner, partner, senior manager, head designer) have access to this site.  Closet companies must be independent, either manufacturer or that outsource their manufacturing, and have NO affiliation with a closet franchise. 

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CIAMO Private Website
Membership Levels

CIAMO Membership

Affiliate CIAMO Member

$199 /year

Independent Contractors &/or Additional Staff:  Independent, self-employed, free-lance designers, sales/design trainers or other business consultants not employed by any one specific closet business but are available to consult with all in the closet industry. Also, additional staff, beyond the 3 reps provided by Company Membership needing access to the site.

CIAMO Outsource Manufacturers

$489 / year

Local, regional and nation-wide fabricators who supply basic component closet and storage parts to at least 3 independent closet businesses or dealerships.

Suppliers & Vendor Partners

$489 / year

Vendors & Suppliers who service the independent closet business community and support their efforts.

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Closet Summit Conference Registration Levels
Savannah, Georgia ~ October 25-27, 2023

Closet Summit
After registering for the Closet Summit Conference below, reserve your room at The Desoto at $209/night at: 

Note: When your company is a CIAMO Member, all staff attendees registering for the Closet Summit Coference are eligible at CIAMO discounted rates listed below. So . . . go back to the top of this page and join CIAMO first to receive discounts below. 

Summit Primary (first) Attendee

Owners, GM, Senior Manager, Partner

CIAMO Member Fee

$479 / each



$599 / each

Summit Secondary Attendee

Co-Owners, Business Partner, Sales Manager, Design Manager, Senior Designer, Shop Manager, Administrator

CIAMO Member Fee

$439 / each



$549 / each

Summit Installer 2-Day Attendee

Includes all activities/meals for Thursday & Friday

CIAMO Member Fee

$319 / each



$399 / each

Summit Spouse

Includes meals, Happy Hours, and shop tour only

Spouse Fee

$299 / each

Summit Vendor Ballroom (up to 4 reps included)

Includes all activities/meals for Friday

CIAMO Vendor Member Fee

$2,299 / each



$2,499 / each


Summit Vendor Pre-Function Foyer (up to 2 reps included)

Includes booth, table & chairs, Wi-Fi, electricity, all activities, meals, Happy Hour, shop tours

CIAMO Vendor Member Fee

$1,699 / each



$1,899 / each

Summit Vendor Sponsorships

Special recognition, 8-10 minutes presentation, materials/literature distributed at meal tables 

Either of 2 breakfasts -or- 2 lunches Fee

$499/ each

Contact for availability –

Exclusive neck lanyard

Happy Hour Bar (Wednesday night -or- Big Pig Out)

$499 / each

$799 / each

Closet University Seminars & Podcast

$1,500 / each

Web Master Test Items/for internal use only

CIAMO Test Membership

CIAMO Test Summit Ticket

NON-CIAMO Test Summit Ticket




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