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Please Note: Joining CIAMO's Private Website does NOT register you for the Annual Closet Summit Conference. You will be able to also register for the Summit (whether a CIAMO Member -or- not) on this same page as you continue to scroll below.

CIAMO Closet & Storage Primary Rep    

$349 / year

Initial Company Membership: Owner, Co-Owner, Primary Partner, President, General Manager or Senior Manager. has access to all website resources and responsible for confidential data supplied to SEALS Teams. Closet companies must be independent, either manufacturer or that outsource their manufacturing. 

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CIAMO Private Website
Membership Levels


Affiliate CIAMO Member

$199 /year

Additional Staff &/or Independent Contractors: Owner/Partners, Vice Presidents, or Senior Managers who will be allowed to represent or co-represent the company at non-compete confidential SEALS Team events, in addition to or substitute for Primary Rep.  Also applies to independent, self-employed, free-lance designers, sales/design trainers or consultants not employed by a specific closet business

CIAMO Additional Staff

$99 each / year

Additional Design or Sales Managers, Designers, Installation Managers, Senior Installers, Production Managers from already registered CIAMO company.

CIAMO Outsource Manufacturers

$489 / year

Local, regional and nation-wide fabricators who supply component closet and storage parts to at least 3 independent closet businesses or dealerships.

Suppliers & Vendor Partners

$489 / year

Vendors & Suppliers who service the independent closet business community and support their efforts.

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Closet Summit Conference Registration Levels
Sheraton Salt Lake City, Utah ~ October 19-21, 2022 

After registering for the Closet Summit Conference below, reserve your Sheraton SLC room at $145/night at: 

Note: When your company is a CIAMO Member, all staff registering for the Closet Summit are eligible at CIAMO Member Fee rates listed below. So . . . go back to the top of this page and join CIAMO first to receive discounts below. 

Summit Primary (first) Attendee

Owners, GM, Senior Manager, Partner

CIAMO Member Fee

$479 / each



$599 / each

Summit Secondary Attendee

Co-Owners, Business Partner, Sales Manager, Design Manager, Senior Designer, Shop Manager, Administrator

CIAMO Member Fee

$439 / each



$549 / each

Summit Installer 2-Day Attendee

Includes all activities/meals for Thursday & Friday

CIAMO Member Fee

$319 / each



$399 / each

Summit Spouse

Includes meals, Happy Hours, and shop tour only

Spouse Fee

$299 / each

Summit Vendor Ballroom (up to 4 reps included)

Includes all activities/meals for Friday

CIAMO Vendor Member Fee

$2,299 / each



$2,499 / each


Summit Vendor Pre-Function Foyer (up to 2 reps included)

Includes booth, table & chairs, Wi-Fi, electricity, all activities, meals, Happy Hour, shop tours

CIAMO Vendor Member Fee

$1,699 / each



$1,899 / each

Summit Vendor Sponsorships

Special recognition, 8-10 minutes presentation, materials/literature distributed at meal tables 

Either of 2 breakfasts -or- 2 lunches Fee

$499/ each

Contact for availability –

Exclusive neck lanyard

Happy Hour Bar (Wednesday night -or- Big Pig Out)

$499 / each

$799 / each

Closet University Seminars & Podcast

$1,500 / each

Web Master Test Items/for internal use only

CIAMO Test Membership

CIAMO Test Summit Ticket

NON-CIAMO Test Summit Ticket