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All About Closets

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13180 Livingston Rd #105

Naples, FL 34109


Owner / Manager

Sara Trapp

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When you buy local, you are supporting your local community.

Most Closet Institute of America members are locally-owned and family-operated.

If you want a great hamburger, choose a franchise . . but if you want a professionally designed and installed custom closet, choose a local independent shop.

Qualified and Experienced Members

Our CIA members are more than qualified and experienced to design, fabricate (locally) and install your home storage systems.

Wide-Range of Products

Master closets, kids closets, guest closets, pantries, home offices, entertainment centers, cedar storage, Murphy wall-bed systems, hobby and sewing centers, garage workshops and gardening organization just to name a few.

Quality Guaranteed

In many instances, design and consultation are free and finished products carry a lengthy guaranty. 

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