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The Closet Institute of America and The Closet Summit 

The Start

  The first CIA Closet Summit Conference in 2014 was the result of a challenge, or better yet, a bet.

 Prior to this time, closet industry conferences were losing participants because there was no perceived value or compelling reason to attend a two or three day lackluster conference. Most were mixed bag events that had no restrictions on attendees; in other words, a ‘big tent event’.

The Idea
  Since 80% of the custom closet industry is comprised of ‘independent’ closet businesses, a few venturous closet entrepreneurs decided, “We are all business people. How hard would it be to create our own conference, exclusively for like-minded independents?”. The rest, as they say, is history.

The First Summit 
  The first Summit was conducted in Savannah, GA, and when the hotel sold out six weeks before the conference, we knew we had won the bet.

Why the Summit is Special 
The Closet Summit considers itself a unique ‘boutique’ conference and provides numerous educational, training, and networking opportunities for both business owners and our embedded vendor/supplier partners. This combination is not found at any other closet industry event. One Summiteer summed, “The Closet Summit is like a family reunion where you love all your relatives.” Welcome to the family.
See our itinerary for more details. To choose a host city we need to have a local closet company willing to open their showroom (and shop) to a group tour.

Past host cities were: Savannah (2014 & 2015), Alexandria VA (2016), Austin TX (2017),Greenville SC (2018), Atlanta (2019), Charlotte (2020), Orlando (2021),Salt Lake City (2022) and the 10 th Anniversary back in Savannah (2023).We return to Charlotte in 2024.

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