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Exclusive CIA Live Webinar - Restricted Viewing

SCAD: Successfully Competing Against Discounts

Thursday, June 27th, 2024 - 4pm EST

Why This Webinar Topic

We have been made aware of increased activities amongst the closet franchises to offer discounts . . . beyond the ever-present CbD 40% discount offers. Below are details of a special webinar scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 4pm EST.

About the Webinar

This webinar will consist of four sessions:

  1. “How Low Can You Go?”- Pricing: If you cannot profit from lowering your bid, don’t.

  2. How to market your company to a ‘gullible’ public: Includes comments from the main attorney in the class action lawsuit Casablanca Closets vs.

  3. Closet World & Closet by Design ~ Inside Intel: We have several CIAMO members who are previous franchise business owners or senior sales/designers who already have the inside scoop on successfully competing.

  4. Q&A session to follow the presentations.

Pre-Screening All Participants

All participants are being screened and vetted before being granted access to the Zoom link. You must complete the Survey Monkey screening questionnaire. Once approved, you will be sent the link to the ZOOM Webinar.


This SCAD webinar and supporting material are not an attempt to formulate a Price Fixing scheme or violate Unfair Trade Practices under U.S. Federal law. Its purpose is for Independents to brainstorm recent industry-wide ‘concerns’ about discounting practices offered through aggressive nationwide marketing campaigns by certain closet franchises and dealership networks.

How to Sign Up

Please fill out our Survey below to apply to attend. Once vetted and approved, we will send you the Zoom link and any other needed details. (If you are having any issues filling out the form below, you can try again on this link:

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