Vendor Partners needed for CIA Basic Training Course to help us:

~Create content for this on-line course

~Create basic closet standards for the industry

~Create links to your products and keep them current

~Create additional training programs to help us sell and install       your products

~Create a central clearing house for all products & services             related to the closet industry

~Offer training course discounts or even scholarships to your           existing and new closet business clientele

~Assist our industry in establishing credibility among other                 building professionals, eg: architects, interior designers,               builders, remodelers, realtors, appraisers, professional                 organizers

~Show the closet industry you support them and are                             interested in investing in their growth and profitability.                  When they grow and thrive, you grow and thrive

~Off-set production costs, so we can keep the course                          affordable for 1000’s of small closet businesses

~Use your mailing lists to promote the course and drive your             closet, and potential closet, customers to this website

Bronze Partner  $2,500-$5,000 

Will be mentioned frequently in the course content. as a closet resources

Provide links to your product pages.


Suggested vendors:  Smaller regional companies with some accounts in the closet and storage industry such as:

Jewelry accessories and inserts

Wardrobe lifts

Handles and knobs

Thermofoil doors and fronts

Melamine sheet goods

Minor shop machinery and equipment

Hidden fasteners

Drawer boxes

Silver Partner  $7,500-$10,000

Mentioned often in the course content as a major closet resource.

Provide links to your product pages.

Participate in shaping the course content

Contribute to creating Closet Standards

Provide supplemental webinars and how-to video for selling and installing your products


Suggested vendors: Major accounts throughout the closet industry and national exposure such as:

Hardware and accessories

Major manufacturing machinery and equipment

Closet design software

Melamine and hardwood sheet goods

Supplier of fronts and doors

Gold Partner $12,500-$15,000 

Major contributor toward content and shaping the direction of the entire course.

Provide supplemental on-line webinars and how-to videos for the purpose of selling and installing your products

Provide links to your product pages

Major contributor to create Closet Standards


Suggested vendors: Major nationwide accounts that the closet industry depends on such as:

Closet design software

Major closet accessories and hardware suppliers

Major closet production machinery, equipment, supplies

Major suppliers of thermofoil and hardwood fronts and doors

Major suppliers of sheet goods

For details: