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mugshot Lisa.jpeg

Board Member

Lisa Carlquist

Years in Industry: 25


Artisan Custom Closets

Marietta, GA

Position: President

Number of Employees: 72

"The Summit and CIA have given me the networking team I need to deal with any problem or issue. There is nothing more valuable than the people you will meet through this organization."

mugshot Cheryl.jpg

Board Member

Cheryl Meyer

Years in Industry: 33


Cardinal Closets

Louisville, KY

Position: President

Number of Employees: 6

"As a former California Closets franchisee who turned Independent with NO regrets., I value the resources, the problem-solving and networking support we experience at the Summit and CIA."

mugshot Diana 2.jpg

Board Member

Diana Augspurger

Years in Industry: 37


Creative Storage

Buffalo, NY

Position: CEO

Number of Employees: 14

"I love the sharing of information that the CIA, the Closet Summit and our industry is so known for."

mugshot Kathy.jpg

Board Member

Kathy Morgan

Years in Industry: 21


Buckeye Custom Cabinets & Closets

Columbus, OH

Position: President

Number of Employees: 6

"The CIA and Summit is invaluable for anyone regardless if you are new, or have been doing it for years. At my first Summit I had no idea what to expect but 5 minutes into "happy hour" Lisa came up and welcomed us as if we were old friends.  You will never find a place like the CIA that will share information that will help you with your business and keep you from making mistakes."

Mugshot Nelsy C.jpg

Vendor Board Member

Nelsy Leyba

Years in Industry: 20



Orlando, FL

Position: Specification Sales/Marketing Manager

Number of Employees: 300

”Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like. Welcome to our closet industry family.”

mugshot Christian.jpg

Board Member

Christian Russell

Years in Industry: 16


Ruffino Closets

Mandeville, LA

Position: Co-Owner

Number of Employees: 14

"One of the things I love most about CIA is the interaction we have together.  We are from all over the country, and every community you could think of, but when we are together it's like we are family.  We support each other, cheer on each other, and are invested in each other's mutual success.  It's what America ought to look like, and we have it.”

mugshot Brent.JPG

Board Member

Brent Griffin

Years in Industry: 15


Closet Store JAX

Jacksonville, FL

Position: Owner

Number of Employees: 11

"Besides the obvious that the CIA helps your business and inspires you to do better, it's fun to meet with like minded people that you have so much in common with every year at the Face-to-face Summit."

mugshot Brian.png

Board Member

Brian Saddler

Years in Industry: 29


The Closet Butler

Kaysville, UT

Position: Co-Owner

Number of Employees: 16

"Being Part of the CIA and the closet Summitt has been one of the most influential part of our business growth. having the opportunities, to Learn from our peers.. PRICELESS." 

mugshot Paul BCCD.jpg

Vendor Board Member

Paul Gallant

Years in Industry: 11


Brushy Creek Custom Doors

Greenville, SC

Position: Regional Sales Manger

Number of Employees: 30

"We have been a part of the Closet Summit and CIA since it’s inception, and look forward to our get togethers. It’s like a family reunion that you want to attend! " 

mugshot Roger.jpg

Board Member

Roger Deroiser

Years in Industry: 26


Expert Closets

South Yarmouth, MA

Position: Owner

Number of Employees: 18

"Our CIA closet family builds strength! Don't be left behind." 

mugshot Chris.jpg

Board Member

Chris Newsome

Years in Industry: 9


Everything Closets

Kingsport, TN

Position: Senior Management

Number of Employees: 39

"The Summit and the CIA are a must for independent closet companies. It's the BEST place to network, learn from other companies and make lifelong friends!"

mugshot Mike Hoffer.jpg

Board Member

Mike Hoffer

Years in Industry: 30


Carolina Closets Plus

Chapel Hill, NC

Position: President

Number of Employees: 8

"The CIA is the best thing to ever happen for independent closet companies.   Every year, we get the privilege of attending our exclusive non franchise networking event that guarantees to be the best $$ I spend all year.  The CIA Facebook page has already changed the way I do business every day because of the fantastic discussions." 

mugshot Paull Cincy.jpg

Board Member

Paul Lindemann

Years in Industry: 32


Cincinnati Closets

Covington, KY

Position: Owner

Number of Employees: 4

"As a small closet business owner (in charge of everything and answering to no one), I treat the Summit/CIA like an annual Board of Directors meeting. I get new ideas, find out things I might be doing wrong, gain valuable insight to the market as a whole, and meet great fellow members of the industry." 

mugshot Kurt2.JPG

Board Member

Kurt Trombetti

Years in Industry: 2


PNW Closets

Vancouver, WA

Position: Owner

Number of Employees: 3

"The Summit/ CIA is a one stop shop for all things closets. Our company has benefited greatly from the Summit/ CIA in all areas: HR, operations, payroll, insurance , installation and designing just to name a few. The best business decision we have ever made is becoming a member." 

mugshot Adam2.jpg

Board Member

Adam Sherry 

Years in Industry: 20


Innovative Storage Systems

Hamilton, NJ

Position: CEO

Number of Employees: 6

"The Closet Summit and the CIA are MANDATORY if you are an independent and serious about succeeding in this business! There is truly no greater RESOURCE for independent closet businesses!"" 

mugshot Jim W.jpg

Special Events Advisor

Jim Wulfekuhl

Years in Industry: 30


VJKR Events

Atlanta, GA

Position: CEO

Number of Employees: N/A

"The CIA and it's annual conference, the Summit, is the Boutique trade group in closet & storage industry.  Their members are like 'Closet Evangelists', spreading the good news throughout the closet community."

Cristy Phillips

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