CIA Basic Training




Course Outline

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~ The initial contact: The relationship starts here, don't blow it

~ The site visit: Preparation & rules of engagement

~ Presenting yourself as the expert with vast product knowledge

~ Finding common ground: Becoming their new best friend

~ The anatomy of the space: What’s possible and what’s not

~ The art of measuring: Being consistent, thorough and professional

~ Measure twice, cut once: Understanding level, square, and plumb

~ Identifying obstacles, challenges and potential problems

~ Learning what to ask and when to shut up and listen

~ The interview: Their needs, their wants, using your checklist

~ Taking inventory to compare before & after, solving their problem

~ Designing ~ Level 1:

  • the basics of layout

  • the closet components

  • the rules and the standards

  • the do’s and don’ts

~ Designing ~ Level 2: Closing the deal, on-site, in one visit

~ Designing ~ Level 3: Using Universal Design as a great sales tool

~ Preparing for your presentation by selling value, not price
~ Closing the deal: When, where, & how

~ Overcoming objections and competitive bids

~ Revisions and when to offer discounts
~ The up-sell: People buy what they see ~ Trends, gadgets, sizzle

~ After the sale: Testimonials, photos, social media


For more information: ~ 912-313-9943