CIA Basic Training

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   Closet Sales & Design

Why Sales before Design?

Because we can teach you how to design the greatest closet on earth,

but if you can't close the deal,

your design is worthless.


"New to the Closet Business. I loved the CIA session at the  Summit. The opportunity to learn real world solutions to common problems and comfort in knowing I am not alone. I am not sure I would have made it thru my 2nd year without the Closet Summit."

Larry ~ Closet Solutions ~ FL

"Every CIA/Closet Summit I come away with tangible ideas that I can implement to make an immediate impact on my bottom line. This is because of the networking with other independent owners. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY IF YOU DON'T ATTEND!"

Mike ~ Carolina Closets Plus ~ NC

"We attended three conferences this year and by far we feel the CIA session at the Closet  & Storage Summit was the best ROI. It didn't feel like a conference but a gathering of friends for the common good.. We cannot afford to miss this."

Kathy ~ Organized Spaces ~ OH

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