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The only Closet & Storage industry trade group exclusively for the Independent Closet Business Community and Vendor Partners

Membership Levels:
~ Closet & Storage Primary Rep: $349
~ Additional Staff - Same Company: $99
~ Affiliate Member: $289
~ Vendors/Suppliers: $489
~ Outsource Manufacturer $489
Benefits in 2021


Training Course



Members discounts for entry level freshman through graduate level experienced sales/design professionals with emphasis on
Closing the Deal.  You can design the greatest closet on earth, but if you can't close the deal, it's worthless. Train a designer to sell or teach a salesperson to design? 

We Do Both!

Webinars and Podcasts






Join our live webinars or view pre-recorded podcasts on a variety of business related and growth building topics. These will include marketing, advertising, sales, design, installation, manufacturing, outsourcing, discovering new products and services, being more competitive, increasing your efficiency and other business building strategies

Zoom Discussion Sessions







Meet with your peers and consider them your very own Board of Directors. You don't even have to pay them. Have a problem, question, issue, situation or just need other opinions or advice? With our Zoom, you'll avoid potential Doom & Gloom




This is the most requested venue at all Summit conferences and CIA  events. Traditionally conducted face-to-face at Summit conferences, we are expanding these non-compete discussions into year round virtual  online sessions.  

Meetings will cover a variety of business building topics and strategies shared among participants

Installation Jubilation









Every CIA member installs closets. Join our Zooms, panel discussions, how-to videos and resource network as we explore all things related to Installation, such as:  truck layouts, staging jobs, check-lists, essential on-site jigs, work site etiquette and bringing the necessary 'extra stuff' to ensure you can finish the install on time and on schedule

Shop Talk






Whether your shop is tiny or a huge manufacturing  edifice, we NEVER have enough space. Join us as we share our successes in shop layout, time/labor management, workflow, effective work cells, space efficiency, labor/time saving jigs, organizing job pallets, preventative maintenance, OSHA do's & don'ts, check-lists, and cross-training shop employees

Industry Mentoring 

& Consultants







Consult with active, retired or semi-retired closet professionals who have, 'been there-done that'.  Explore temporary staff exchanges  and apprenticeship programs to enable your employees to experience how others in our industry are handling similiar problems

Closet Industry Employment





Trusted employees sometimes are forced to move out of your area due to personal reasons and situations. Offer them relocation opportunities: CIA classifieds/bulletin board for experienced managers, designers, fabricators and installers moving to another location

Barter Bulletin Board 





Supplier backordered your melamine? Need a few extra sheets to finish a job? Need some matching edge-banding to collect a balance due check?  Short one basket but your supplier is out? Ask your fellow members if they have another source or can spare some inventory 

Referral Networking






Referrals and repeats account for up to 50% of all closet industry sales. Lead generation sharing services are encouraged when you receive inquiries from potential clients who are not in your territory but want to pass them along to other independent closet business CIA members

Outsource Resource Guide 







Looking to expand your operation or offer a new product line but can't afford the additional capital expense or don't have the space to grow? Join 34% of our industry who currently outsource all or part of their manufacturing and check out these local, regional and national networks and dealerships thatv are available to you

Vendor Guide Index
Supplier resource service with vendor links to find the latest and greatest in design software, machinery, accessories, hardware, jigs, lighting, sheet goods, edge-banding and more. Includes instructional how-to videos. Recessions and economic downturns often require you to find alternative sources

A Commission of your peers to assist and prevent miscommunication and disputes among CIA members in the spirit of industry unity, and potentially save legal fees

Conflict Resolution Panel






Closet Locator Index




Refer your Raving Fan customers who are moving from one location to another and looking for another reliable, new (member) closet professional at their new residence

Legal Aid Consultant




Members can be referred to experienced closet industry attorneys concerning matters related to industry litigation including disputes, copyright infringements, liability issues, employment/HR and unfair trade practices

Looking for machinery or  reviews/comments from peers? Considering major capital investments and purchases? Consult and receive feedback and ratings from those who have the same or equivalent equipment

Used Equipment For Sale





Complete the Compete





Having trouble competing against 'nationwide closet operations'? National advertising buy campaigns by competitors can be successful . . . for you. Professional consultants available (takes one to know one)

Closet Industry Statistics





CIA has compiled statistics from over 500 attendees at the last 7 Closet Summit conferences. How does your company compare to others of the same size and demographics? Find out how you are doing

Closet Summit Conference

Member registration discounts for our annual face-to-face networking conference exclusively for the independent closet business community, Participate in special Summit events and activities such as Members-Only Meet, Greet & Eat Happy Hour and SEALS Team discussion panels

Join us at our 8th Annual Summit Conference and Expo at:

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando/SeaWorld Resort

October 20-22, 2021

Coming in 2022


Access to a variety of information, publications, newsletters, blogs, reports, indexes, statistics, printed materials, podcasts, presentations, surveys, studies and  power-points as they become available and contributed by members

Advanced Installer Training
After you teach them how to install, we train them to be your anchor (sales) man to bring in the repeats, referrals and reviews

Forms & Document Exchange
Share closet industry specific customer contracts, employee manual, design site sketch sheets, installer checklists, punch-list and sign-off documents, interoffice forms, etc.

Photo & Marketing Exchange
Marketing material sharing among members and startups who do not have the resources to provide their own

Industry Economic Forecasting
Industry date and surveys to determine where we are and where we are going because if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business

Product Development
Industrial Design Division will work with our industry vendors and suppliers to create and develop new and exciting accessories and hardware

CIA Southern Command
Discounts at our future Training and Conference Center on the island of Grenada, British West Indies. Can you say?
"My next vacation maybe a business expense."

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