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Competing Against Franchises ; Design and Sales Training

Buckeye Cabinets & Closets

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Kathy Morgan


(614) 226-4070

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Kathy began her career in the closet design industry as a designer for California Closets where she progressed to being their head designer for several years. She then became a construction designer for a local remodeling firm. In 2007 when she started her own company, she used her knowledge of construction and storage design to build an organization that would give the customer the best of an independent or franchise organization. To date, she owns Buckeye Custom Cabinets and Closets who manufactures their own designs. She also owns Functional Living Design Group which is a design house, with 4 designers, that focuses on functional storage interior design for all areas of the home. Using her knowledge of creative storage design it has allowed Kathy and her team to branch into designing for every room in the house. Her passion is sharing her knowledge with other designers.

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