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Advanced Installer Training
After YOU teach them how to install based on your company's history, methods and procedures, turn these Anchormen into Anchor-Salesmen. They can be trained to not only bring home the bacon (the balance due) but also bring home repeat customers, referrals and reviews - aka Raving Fans. By rewarding great customer service by your installation team, everyone benefits through financial compensation, sterling reputation, increased sales and their job stability.
Forms & Document Exchange
The more efficient your paperwork flow, the more efficient your operation becomes and less chance for costly mistakes. Members will share closet industry forms such as customer contracts, company business and personnel manuals, job descriptions, jobsite design sketch sheets, installer checklists, punch-list & sign off documents, interoffice report forms, change-orders, purchase orders and much more.
Photo & Marketing Library
Exchange marketing material such as photos, taglines, advertising copy, brochures, flyers, postcards and blogs shared among members and startups who do not have the resources to provide their own. Use this for your websites, Facebook pages, printed material, TV, cable and radio infomercials.
Product Development Laboratories
Industrial Design Division will work with our industry vendors and suppliers to create and develop new and exciting accessories, hardware, software, gadgets, innovations, jigs, tools and templates,  through research and development, engineering, brainstorming and focus groups.
Economic Forecasting
Closet and Storage industry data and surveys to track trends and determine where we were, are and  going because if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. This industry is on an exponential growth spurt and we all want to be prepared. Remember, the rising tide raises all boats . . . as long as yours isn't leaking.
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CIA Southern Command

Discounts at our future Training and Conference Center on the island of Grenada, British West Indies. Can you say? "My next vacation is a business expense."

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